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Reading 8 (Period 2)

Ms. Heidi Klahre
Jr-Sr High School

Course Description

 The primary focus of this class will be working through novels that supplement the 8th grade reading textbook.

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Vocab (Due Monday)

Use each of the following words in a sentence.
  1. traction
  2. mortified
  3. submerged
  4. perilous
  5. infernal
  6. grit
  7. passable
  8. hieroglyphics
  9. reverently
  10. sneer
  11. impatiently
  12. nonjudgmentally
  13. immoral
  14. disreputable
  15. unprecedented
  16. surrogate
  17. magnanimous
  18. platitude
  19. unequivocally
  20. veered

Chapter 25–28 (Due Monday)


Discussion Questions

  1. Why are the people at the stockholders’ meeting quiet after Mrs. Gladstone tells her story?
  2. Explain how Jenna’s behavior toward her father shows how she has changed.
  3. When do you think the climax of this novel occurs?
Writing Activity Jenna says, “It’s funny the things we hold onto from our parents and the things we leave behind.” Explain in one or two paragraphs what you think Jenna will take from her father and what she will leave behind

Ch. 21-24

Chapters 21–24

Discussion Questions

  1. When Harry Bender asks Jenna if she has told her father how painful his behavior is, she says she has not. Harry says, “Maybe saying it isn’t as much for him as it is for you.” What does he mean?
  2. Why do you think Elden forces Jenna to leave the meeting?
Writing Activity Write one or two paragraphs in which you predict what will happen at the stockholders’ meeting. Explain why you think so.

Ch. 17-30

1. What internal conflict does Jenna face in this story?  What is the main external conflict in this story?
2.  How has Jenna's father affected her life?
3.  Why does Jenna begin to think that Ken Woldman may not be the person she first assumed he was?
What makes Harry Bender the world's best shoe salesman?  Write one or two paragraphs explaining the qualities he has that led to his success.

Ch. 14-16

1.  Jenna says that while at the Kansas City store she felt like she was in an elegant house that had been decorated with cheap furniture.  What does she mean by this?
2.  Why do you think Mrs. Gladstone begins to get stronger as the trip continues?
3.  What impression does the reader get of Texas from this section of the novel?  Give details to support your answer.
Writing:  Imagine you are Elden.  Write a paragraph in which you defend your decision to sell the company to Ken Woldman.

Rules of the Road

Ch. 8-9
1.  Reread Chapter 8.  Find one example of physical humor and one example of verbal humor.
2.  Explain the conflict between Elden and his mother, as well as Mrs. Gladstone's reaction to this conflict.
3.  What example of a metaphor do you see in Chapter 8?  What does it mean?
Writing:  In one or two paragraphs, explain the duties that Jenna has taken on helping Mrs. Gladstone on this trip.
Chapter 10-13
1.  During Jenna's breakfast encounter with Elden, what kind of humor does the author use most?  Give an example.
2.  What impression do you get of Elden from the description of him during Jenna's breakfast encounter with him?  Give details to support your answer.
Writing:  In one or two paragraphs, compare and contrast Harry Bender and Jenna's father.

Rules of the Road

Chapters 1-2
1.  How would Jenna describe herself?
2.  In what point of view is the story told?  How do you know?  What are the advantages of telling a story from this point of view?
3.  Explain the relationship between Jenna and Faith from Jenna's point of view.
In a paragraph, describe why Jenna likes Gladstone's.  What does working there offer her?
Chapters 3-7
1.  Identify a simile in Chapter 3.  What do you think it means?
2.  Why do you think Mrs. Gladstone says that Jenna reminds her of herself as a girl?
3.  Why does Jenna's mother finally allow her to go on the trip with Mrs. Gladstone after first refusing?
Writiing:  Jenna describes her motto as "Cope or Die."  Explain in a paragraph why you think she decided on this motto.

Accelerated Reader

Questions as to whether or not a book has an AR test?  The following website can give you all of that information: