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PCH is a group of science teachers who share labs, worksheets, projects and other files concerning the teaching of Physics. This site is a directory of items our members have contributed. The files on this site are available to anyone interested in using them for educational purposes.

The Directory: The files in the table below have been contributed by the members of our group. They have been submitted by email and then have been checked and processed into this directory. The listing includes a brief description followed by the format of the file and its size. Efforts are made to ensure that these files are clean, non corrupted and virus free, yet we can not guarantee against any problems resulting from the use of this site and the downloaded files.

Downloading: To download files, click on its linked name. If your browser opens the file then you can save it under normal commands. If your browser can not open the file, it will prompt you to do several things. One of these options is to save the file to your computer. You can save the file and open it using the appropriate program(s). Visit the Using this site link if you have specific downloading questions/problems. If files are archived in more than one format, they will be listed separately in the directory. If the file is compressed, it will be noted in the description and/or format. Otherwise assume files are not compressed.

Read the Downloading Notes below this chart



 Physics Cartoons (5 files)  10-25k each/ gif
 Gravity Prob & answer  <50k/ doc & gif
 multimeter template  < 50k/ doc
 Sound Power Point Presentation  28k/doc
 F14 and sound barier mpeg  1.2 Mb/mpeg
 Resistivity Lab  <50k/ doc
 Physics Valentines <50k/ doc
 Momentum Power Point Presentation 860k /zip & ppt
 Lens & Mirror lab <50k/ doc
 Musical Instruments rubric <50k/ doc
 Physics of Toy's Project <50k/doc

Downloading Notes:

  • When you hit the links in the chart above you are taken to the folder that contains the file(s) you want.
  • You can download or save these files as you wish.
  • The Read Me files are copies of any text the contributor sent with their contributed files and then their email address so questions could be sent to them.
  • I can not gaurantee the quality and correctness of these files.