Bottle Buddy Biopic

You will be selecting your favorite female from your Hall of Fame report. Additional research will need to be completed on this person. The research will be presented as follows:

1. In first person - so instead of she, it will be I
2. At least 10 major events in the person's life, presented in a timeline/scrapbook format. You may include one picture for each event and you will need to have at least one paragraph written for the event. (10 points each)
3. 5 minor events (this is where you can include things such as birth, family, etc.) One or two sentences for each, picture is optional. (5 points each)

The scrapbooks will be displayed with the bottle buddies and must be typed. (150 points)

Bottle buddy:

You will need a 2 liter soda bottle that is empty. I will be providing a foam ball that you can use for the head, as well as basic supplies. You will fashion the bottle into a model of what your selected female would look like.

Buddy - 100 points.