Hail to The Tweet


You will be selecting a president to use as your topic of research. After selecting the president, you will need to select 10 important days from his life. At least 8 of the 10 must be from when he was President or in some other public office. After selecting the dates, you will be composing a tweet about that particular day.

Your assignment should be completed as follows:

1. Typed, with your name and the name of the president at the top - 20 points

2. At the top of each tweet, list the date (Month day and year when possible, must at least have the year) - 10 points

3. Actual tweet should have 240 characters - 10 points

4. In addition to the tweet, use three relevant hashtags - 10 points

5. Content for the tweet - 50 points
6.  In addition, you must read the AR book and take the test  50 points