Rules of the Road

Chapters 1-2
1.  How would Jenna describe herself?
2.  In what point of view is the story told?  How do you know?  What are the advantages of telling a story from this point of view?
3.  Explain the relationship between Jenna and Faith from Jenna's point of view.
In a paragraph, describe why Jenna likes Gladstone's.  What does working there offer her?
Chapters 3-7
1.  Identify a simile in Chapter 3.  What do you think it means?
2.  Why do you think Mrs. Gladstone says that Jenna reminds her of herself as a girl?
3.  Why does Jenna's mother finally allow her to go on the trip with Mrs. Gladstone after first refusing?
Writiing:  Jenna describes her motto as "Cope or Die."  Explain in a paragraph why you think she decided on this motto.