Rules of the Road

Ch. 8-9
1.  Reread Chapter 8.  Find one example of physical humor and one example of verbal humor.
2.  Explain the conflict between Elden and his mother, as well as Mrs. Gladstone's reaction to this conflict.
3.  What example of a metaphor do you see in Chapter 8?  What does it mean?
Writing:  In one or two paragraphs, explain the duties that Jenna has taken on helping Mrs. Gladstone on this trip.
Chapter 10-13
1.  During Jenna's breakfast encounter with Elden, what kind of humor does the author use most?  Give an example.
2.  What impression do you get of Elden from the description of him during Jenna's breakfast encounter with him?  Give details to support your answer.
Writing:  In one or two paragraphs, compare and contrast Harry Bender and Jenna's father.