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Info Lit 8 (Period 3)

Ms. Heidi Klahre
Jr-Sr High School
First Semester 2017-18

Course Description

 Students in Info Lit 8 will be using the library to complete a variety of research assignments.  In addition, a novel will be read in class during each nine week to help the students earn their Accelerated Reader points.

Recent Posts

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
You and a partner have won the lottery, and have been awarded a million dollar prize.  However, in order to collect the prize, you must provide a budget detailing how you will spend the money.
1.  No money can be put in any sort of bank account.
2.  If you want to donate money, you must also specify how the place you are donating it will be spending it.
3.  You cannot purchase any of the following:  video games and any related items, any sort of vehicle unless you are building/restoring it, anything illegal or inappropriate, a house unless you are building or restoring it.
4.  There must be a minimum of 20 items in your budget.
5.  Any property you are selecting must be in the United States.
The final project will:
1.  Have a typed budget that list the item and cost.  100 points
2.  Have a minimum of four paragraphs explaining how you spent your money and why.  100 points
3.  A list with a minimum of 6 websites that you used to complete your project.  30 points.

Action Figure

Action Figure

You will be selecting a famous person from history and doing some brief research about his or her life. After completing the research, you will be designing an action figure for that person. For the action figure, you will need to account for the following: accessories included with doll, what the doll will be wearing, and name of figure. You will need to draw what the box will look like (including any wording that will be on the box) and include the drawing with your research sheet. The final step will be to create a 30-second commercial spot to “sell” your doll.
Research sheet: 50 points
Doll drawing: 50 points
Commercial: 50 points

Due Date will be __.

Action Figure Research

Top Ten events in person’s life:











Influential Figures: 

Important objects that might be included with doll: 

Best known for:

Fascinating Facts (must have at least 2):


Accelerated Reader

Questions as to whether or not a book has an AR test?  The following website can give you all of that information: