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Class work/Homework/Activity

Class work/Homework/Activity

Bio I-Per 2 & 3: 9/11-15: Review Study Guides questions & answers from Section 2-Unifying Themes of Biology, Review questions & answers from Section 2-Reinforcement, Start Pre-Lab after Sections 1& 2 in class-set up, -partner(s) via lids selection, distribution of materials, Laboratory/Activity-Biotic vs Abiotic, S3-Power point & notes-Scientific Thinking & Processes. Study Guide distribution & in class assignment/Homework, S3-Reinforcement- in class assignment/Homework, S3-Formative Assessment-Questions & Answers, Interactive Reader-Questions & Answers-Graded.

Bio II-Per 4-9/11-15: Review Section 1 Linnaean System of Classification & Interactive Reader Questions & Answers, Section 2 Classification by Evolutionary Relationships in class & Cladogram Quick Lab Activity-All graded. Review answers to questions from Section 2 Formative Assessment & Interactive reader. Start Section 3-Molecular Clocks Power point & notes with students in class.: In class assignment/Homework: Study Guide-S3, Reinforcement-S3, Formative Assessment-S3-Explain & Apply, Interactive Reader-S3.

Env Sci-Per 5-9/11-15/17: TIC-Trout In Classroom-Continue with next prep for aquarium rock/gravel, Wash-Rinse & Set. Review organisms interactions with their environment workbook pages with students in class. Review constructed response answers to questions in notebook section of workbooks with students. Graded. Pre-lab set up-pH. Lab/Activity pH of Cairnbrook water & guidelines to Water Quality Survey sheet for Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Trout In the Classroom.

Sci 8-Per 7 & 9-9/11-15: Review Cells & Heredity workbook page 190-Structures & Functions with the Compound Light Microscope with students, List of structures & labeling activity with group OR partners-In class Assignment & Activity grade. Pre-lab set up & selection of diagram/picture for Observing with Newspapers In Education & Observation/Activity sheet-1.Eye, 2.Hand-lens,3.Microscope. Calculating the Total Magnification-LOL, MOL & HOL Workbook & #3 from Observation/Activity sheet with the Microscopes.Graded

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