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Shade Central City School District

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Mrs. Bihun Welcome's You Back...

Welcome back students!  My name is Mrs Bihun, I am a Junior High Instructional Aide at Shade.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns.  My usual school schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, but you can always reach me at
Period 1-        7th Grade Math             Mr. Julian
Period 2-        8th Grade Reading        Mrs. Boncoski
Period 3-        8th Grade Health           Mr. Kuharchek
Period 4-        8th Grade Math             Mr. Fyock
Period 5-        9th Grade Spanish 1     Mrs. Weiser
Period 6a-      Office Coverage            Mrs. Mauger
Period 6b-      Lunch
Period 7-        8th Grade Science        Mrs. Broucher
Period 8-        8th Grade English         Mrs. Boncoski
Period 9-        8th Grade US History    Mr. Walker 
**-Please note my schedule may vary from day to day, or throughout the school year.**
I am always available to ALL STUDENTS!
If you need extra help, I can be found on your Google Platform.  If I am already in your classroom as a teachers aide, there is a good chance you can find me in your Google Classroom already.  As always you can contact me via email at  Another way to contact me would be add me to your Google Hangouts.  I am here for you, and any questions you may have concerning your classwork.  #You'veGotThis  #AskQuestions