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Mrs. Melissa Naret » Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally.  It comes from what you do consistently.


Homework is given to review and reinforce concepts and skills that were learned in class.  It also teaches students to work independently, take responsibility for their own work, and organizational and time-management skills.  Homework also helps me evaluate your child’s progress.

The homework is a review of what we learned that day.  Math homework will be assigned daily, except on test days.  Language Arts (reading) assignments will vary.  Some language arts assignments to expect will be spelling list w/homework and/or a fluency story to practice.  All homework will be due the following school day unless another date has been specified. 

Homework counts toward your child’s grade, and all homework needs to be completed and turned in on time to receive full credit.  I keep a record of complete and incomplete assignments.  If your child fails to return homework on the day it is due, he/she will complete it at recess and miss recess for that day.  If your child misses three homework assignments, you will be contacted.  However, once a student has brought back 10 math homework assignments in a row, he/she earns a no homework coupon, which allows them to skip one night of math homework.

Please remember that the homework is for your child, not you.  If the homework looks like it has been completed by someone other than your child, he/she will redo the homework at recess time and receive no credit for this work. 

Your child is also responsible for making up missed class work and homework assignments due to absence.


Helpful Homework Tips

  • Set up a daily homework time so you can help if needed.
  • Create a homework toolbox (pencil box, pencils, crayons, erasers, scissors, and glue).
  • Make sure homework is done in a quiet environment away from distractions.
  • Encourage your child to work independently (but always help if needed!).
  • Motivate your child with praise.
  • Please contact me if your child is having difficultly completing the homework.